Currently, there is a number of batch edits that can be performed on Flow Definitions.  

  • Close form after sign-off - This setting will determine if the Traveler Form closes after the steps are signed off.
  • Confirm move to next step - Displays a dialog after signing the Step off to confirm you will be moving to the next step.
  • Create split Lot/Build when split - This will create a new Lot/Build when splitting parts from Traveler.
  • Name of new split Lot/Build - New split Lot/Build can be named in a few methods.
    • XXX splits to XXX.A
    • XXX splits to XXX.1
    • XXX.XX splits to XXX.XX.A
    • XXX.1 splits to XXX.2
    • XXX.A splits to XXX.B
  • Merge condiitions - Provides options for new FR to contain multiple Lot IDs or to Overwrite the Lot ID
    • Default-Allow Multiple IDs on FR
    • Overwrite Source ID with Destination ID


Batch Flow Definition Form Access

To access the Batch Flow Definition Form you must have the Flow Definition Listbox open.  From the Listbox you should filter it according to the Flow Defintions that you want to include in the Batch processing.  Use any number of column filtering so only the Flows you wish to update are displayed in the Listbox.  Only Flows displayed in the Listbox will be modified.

  1. Select Configuration Desktop
  2. Select Flow Definition Listbox
  3. Perform filtering to display only the Flow Definitions you wish to batch edit
  4. Click the Batch Edit Icon.  You will be prompted that you will be editing X number of Flows
  5. Choose new values you want to change/add
  6. Click the checkbox if you want to change/add the FD Configuration value
  7. Apply Changes




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