All information for a Flow Definitions can be configured in the Form as explained in the figure below. Below this screen shot the different entries and sections will be discussed.


The form consists of a number of sections:

The Header section show general information and the 'Main' action button (Prev - Next). When the Flow Definition is just created the window title will not be updated, this will happen the next time you open the form.

  • Status and creation information

    Peding state for the Flow Definition Active state for the Flow Definition Closed state for the Flow Definition
    This section in the upper left corner, shows when and by whom the Flow Definition was created. The state and the icon show the current Object states of the Flow Definition.

  • Next - Previous

    StatusUpdateToPending48x48 StatusUpdateToActiveLeft48x48 StatusUpdateToActiveRightGreen48x48 StatusUpdateToArchived48x48
    The state of the Flow Definition can be changed by pressing the 'Next' button in the upper right corner, at the moment it can move back and a Previous button will become visible. The sequence of states for a Flow Definition: Pending -> Active -> Closed.

Left Control Buttons

Buttons to perform actions on the current Flow Definition:

  • Refresh:

    Press this button to update the information in the Flow Definition Form
    Will query the data for this Flow Definition from the server. Press this button if you think the information shown in the form is not up to date.

  • Clone:

    Press this button to Clone, by using the Current Flow Definition information to create a new Flow Definition
    Will create a new Flow Definition using the information of this Flow Definition by cloning it. Note: Do not use 'Clone' if you would like to make a new  Revison for this Flow Definition.

  • Recalc:

    Press this button to recalculate the Flow Definition to determine the valid Input-Output Combinations
    Will recalculate the Flow Definition input - output combination based on the information configured on the Inputs / Outputs tab of the Step Definitions that are used to make up this total Flow.

  • Delete:

    Press this button to delete the Flow Definition
    Will move the Flow Definition to the Deleted State. Only the System Admin has the rights to undelete the Flow Definition and can only be deleted when it's in the Pending state.

Flow Definition Form - General Tab

The General (Home) Tab is the default tab and the Form opens with this tab on top.

The Name, Flow Number, Revision, 'Flow Definition Type', 'Part / Equipment State when Active', and 'Part / Equipment State when Done' are required fields. These fields have to be filled out before the Flow Definition can move to the Active State.

The combination of the Flow Number and the Revision should be unique, if another Flow Definition exists with the same Flow Number and Revision, the Flow Definition cannot move to the Active State.

Fields on the General Tab:

  • Name:
    A descriptive name for the Flow, this name will show up in other listboxes and in some cases the Name is combined with the Flow Number and the Revision into a single string.
  • Flow Number: (Required Data)
    A number for the flow. In case you don't have a numbering system for the flow just start with e.g. FD01. It is no problem to change these later on, it will not affect the design of the flows.
  • Revision: (Required Data)
    In case you are not using Revisons, you still need to fill out a value and the combination of the Flow Number with the revision has to be unique.
  • Flow Definition Type (Required Data)
    The Flow Definition Type is used to determine the main purpose of the flow.
    • Consume Part: This flow Type will create a new Part Record and consume the input Part Record. This type of flow is rarely used.
    • Make Equipment: Use this type to create new Equipment Record.
    • Make Part: This flow does not require an existing input Part Record, they are created during the first step of the flow.
    • Use Equipment: This flow type is used for running equipment or to perform Preventive Maintenance on Equipment.
    • Use Part: This flow will have to pick an existing input Part Record.
  • Part / Equipment State when Active: (Required Data)
    This determines the Part States on the Travelers (that are based on this Flow Definition) that are still active.
  • Part / Equipment State when Done:
    This determines the Part State on the Travelers when the Traveler finished its last Step (The state of the Traveler will be 'Closed').
  • Calc DateTime
    This is the last time this Flow Definition was Calculated for the valid Input - Output combinations. Pressing the Recalc button will do the Calculation now.
  • Calc Messages:
    Any Warnings or Error messages that came up during the calculation of the Flow Definition will show up in this text area. The calculation happens when the Recalc button is pressed, or when the Flow Definition moves to the Active state.
  • Input -> Outputs:
    All possible Input - Output combinations for this Flow Definition. ANY -> ANY means that this Flow Definition will accept any Part Definition and will move the Part Record based on this Part Definition through this flow without changing the Part Definition.

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